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      Zhiqiang Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company to produce and sell series equipment of sewing machines for thick materials.With its powerful production capability, sound ratio of performance to price, wide and unobstructed selling netword, fabulous development speed, this company is very noticeable within the industry.
     During its production and operation,Zhigong keeps strengthening the internal management of the enterprise,taken the Six High standards,“high request for management, high effenciency for production ,high-quality for staff,high level for technology, high-quality for products,high circulation for selling”, making the company develop swiftly and violently.


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Special sewing machine for container bag production line

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  • ZQK273G-2010

    This type of machine is one of Zhigong electronic pattern sewing machine series, which is designed for climbing ropes sewing especially..

  • ZQK733-5020

    This sewing machine is one of Zhigong electronic pattem sewing machine series for goods of thick material, aimed at industries such as bags and luggage, shoes and hats,household articles, sports goods and vehicle interior. And the designed sewing thickness can be 28mm.

  • 80700CD4H

    The thick material double needle four thread chain lock sewing machine designed specifically for the production of container bags adopts an up and down feeding method, which can easily sew parts such as climbing and corners. Its stable column type frame design is more suitable for sewing the inlet and discharge ports on container bags, and can simultaneously sew up and down anti leakage strips.

  • GSC367TZM

    The container bag direct drive sewing machine has a sensitive thickness detection system that automatically recognizes the thickness of the material. When the sewing machine sews the fabric, the sewing machine automatically releases the thread clamp, and when sewing other parts, it automatically locks the thread clamp, achieving consistent stitching and effectively improving the quality of the container bag.

  • 81300A1H

    The double needle four wire and four wire feeding and edging chain lock sewing machine has an electrically controlled presser foot lifting mechanism, making the operation of the sewing machine more flexible and convenient, and the sewing effect more beautiful. The independently designed electrically controlled heating thread cutting device fully meets the standard requirements of container bags for thread cutting length.

  • ZQK-ESJ3020

    This machine is equipped with a high-precision servo control system and a high-perfor-mance servo motor. The sewing style can be set at will within the specified range.

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